Tracey we were so happy with how the ceremony went. The sample books were a godsend!  You completely understood our vibe, very relaxed and not over the top.  We are so grateful we had you there to guide us through the whole process - especially on the day!  You had such a calming presence which I think put not only us, but everyone at ease.  You were charming and hilarious (through all that wind!!!)  You can tell you love what you do!

Thank you Aarja and George

Tracey thank you for sharing our day with us.  We could not have imagined a more kind hearted and genuine celebrant to be part of our day.  You made it beyond special and you had that extra touch of love and kindness.  Our guests just loved your vibrancy, and the calmness that you brought to our day. Thank you beyond belief for our day, we love you!

Gemma and Alex


Dearest Tracey, you have a special gift, to do what you do!  Not everyone has your gift. What you did is something which just made our whole marriage ceremony 'special'. Not only special to us, but special for family and guests as well.  I still have people commenting "that was the best ceremony I have ever experienced"  How amazing is that?  :)  Thank you so much. 

Jenni and Eric 


Tracey, thank you so much for everything you did for us to get us to our big day.  The ceremony was our favourite memory of the day and it went off like a dream.  We would not hesitate in recommending your services to any other couple.  The process was seamless and so easy and the end result was perfect!  Thank you so so much Tracey. 

Corrine and James

Dear Tracey your warmth and sincerity was a welcome element through out our ceremony.  Your relaxed, easy-going approach did not distract from your professionalism.  We felt you were 'opening a door' and inviting our friends and family in, to gather around and share our story.  Thank you for a magical, memorable moment in our journey! 

Ronnie and George

Tracey, a massive thank you for helping make our day so special.  The initial thought of writing our own vows was a little scary, but with your encouragement and information booklets we are so happy with how they turned out.  We feel our ceremony was very personal and light-hearted, which is exactly what we wanted.  So many times you hear the same vows and ceremonies,

but our wedding was just that 'ours'!  Thank you!

Jenni and Ben

Tracey, what can we say!  You did the most amazing job at our wedding ceremony.  You truly made sure the ceremony was, and felt, completely like us.  Not only that, but in the lead up to the wedding you went above and beyond for us.  We couldn't have asked for anything better, it was perfect!  All our guests loved the ceremony and commented on it being beautiful and unique, and totally us!  We are eternally grateful, thank you so much.

Kayla and Scott

Tracey, Pat and I would just like to thank you for being part of our special day, and making our day so magical.  You did the most wonderful job and it was just perfect!  We are honoured to have been your 200th wedding and we wish you all the best, for just as many more! 

Karlee and Pat

Tracey thank you so much for everything you did for us to make our wedding day so amazing.  We are privileged to have met you, and have had you with us to officiate and celebrate such a special day.  We cannot thank you enough for all your help, love and support.  

Mr and Mrs Taylor