The New Normal...A Covid-19 Wedding Safety Plan!

Hi everyone this post is to keep you all informed regarding planning for your special day. It seems crazy to even have to consider to have such a plan, but 2020 has certainly thrown us a curve ball. Whilst the plan is to celebrate love, during these unprecedented times, unfortunately we must celebrate from a distance - a distance of 1.5 meters in fact. Social distancing rules have been put in place to keep us all safe and that includes all guests and attendants at a wedding ceremony. Please check with all guests to make sure no-one has traveled from interstate of any current hot spots and ask they reconsider their attendance to your ceremony.

An attendance record of all guests and attendants will be required to be supplied to your celebrant. This list is to include the names and contact details of everyone present, if, in the unfortunate event the someone happens to contract Covid-19, Contact Tracers will be able to contact you or your guests for testing. Also there are some things that have changed as to the running of your ceremony. *Guest seating must be in accordance with the government guidelines regarding the 1.5 meter rule. However if guests are from the same household or family they will be permitted to sit together. *A microphone will not be necessary if the ceremony is limited to only 5-10 people.

Stay safe, mask up!

However where there is a larger amount of guests permitted it will be necessary for either a handheld microphone to be used by the Bride and Groom and the celebrant to use a separate corded microphone. (alcohol wipes will be available for cleaning of microphones and pens etc.) *The Best man may hold and open the ring box during the Exchange of Rings. The Bride and Groom may then take the individual rings from box as they exchange their rings. *Whilst signing the certificates at the end of the ceremony the Bride and Groom and their witnesses will have a separate pens to that of the Celebrant. Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes will be available on the signing table for use between the signing of all documents and the wiping down of pens after each use. *At the end of the ceremony the Celebrant will introduce you back to your guests as Husband and Wife for your guests to congratulate you. Unfortunately no hugging or kissing, but elbow bumping, lots of fist pumps, yahoos' and huge applause is encouraged.

Unfortunately, this is the new normal for a Wedding Ceremony at least for a while. Hopefully we can get this crazy virus under control and return to what we consider to be normal times. But until that happens we must do everything we can to keep each other safe and look after each other. Weddings thankfully at the moment can still go ahead, and of course love never ceases, so keep planning and dreaming of your special day. Even if it is not quite the same way as you envisioned your day to be, it is still sure to be the best day of your life. Much love everyone! (As the situation regarding wedding ceremonies and the Covid-19 guidelines will remain quite fluid, the above requirements and suggestions are subject to change.)

There is always zoom!

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