2019 You Are Looking Amazing!

Forget about painting the town red, lets just paint this brand New year with as much love as we can, and spatter that stuff everywhere!

As another year begins I once again find myself in such a privileged position, being able to start couples on their journey as husband and wife, it is just awesome!

Marriage is such a gift and I am always inspired by the most amazing couples I meet. I love creating ceremonies that reflect each individual couple and over the last few months I have witnessed pure joy from some beautiful humans. I am so pumped for the rest of this year and I want to meet you and hear your story so we can bring your fairy-tale to life! Here are just a few!

Beth and Chad and their gorgeous girls, so much happiness it made my heart melt!

Oh Chris and Nic, pure joy!

Aarja and George you guys are the happiest humans ever, what a wonderful day!

Image Little Black Bow Photography.

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